Artist Statement

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I favor clean volumes, minimal surface decoration and rightness of scale, which promotes a sense of wellbeing, serenity, and interior balance auspicious for thought. Natural form and texture, and the human emotions it evokes, are a never-ending source of inspiration.

The Contemplation Vessel forms and Memory Stones are often reminiscent of ancient sentinel boulders, offering themselves as talismans and markers, as well as repositories for personal ruminations. The Casings are sculptural vessels metaphorically protecting a spiritual, emotional condition of vulnerability inspired by the naturally excreted or constructed protection of tiny vulnerable insects when they need to go thru profound life changes. My Standing Stones sculptures bear witness to the sacredness, necessity and physical beauty of moving water in our lives, many times involving the flow of water around and thru rock forms.

The memory of a wet, plastic beginning on the potters’ wheel is evident in much of my work as well as the textural stretch marks in clay handled on the brink of collapse. Work skillfully shaped with very soft clay allows for extremes of manipulation but also requires considerable risk taking and planning ahead. Pieces often receive multiple firings to achieve the unique glazes and sensuous textures. Both Eastern and European clay forming techniques are used in achieving a forthright dignity and substantiality